Day 4

4 Jan

I lack a sweet tooth, but chocolate ice cream can be an occasional tease. The dessert does a rather good job of taking care of itself, not needing many embellishments. Yet the sprinkles on the nearby shelf of the “Dessert and Novelties” aisle just looked so…pretty. I made an impulsive decision to take my ice cream somewhere special tonight; dress it up to show my appreciation. Although the vibrant little bits-of-unknown were visually appealing, they did nothing for the taste of the ice cream underneath. As the sprinkles started to melt into tiny color puddles like smeared mascara on a long night, it reminded me of dates with my husband. No matter how dolled up I get, he couldn’t care less; underneath the makeup and the sprinkles it is still me and it is still chocolate ice cream. That is all that matters.


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