Day 12 (a day late)

13 Jan
Jason, the Rosebush by Angie Friedel
Jason, the Rosebush, a photo by Angie Friedel on Flickr.

There is a neglected rosebush in my yard. I don’t take care of it, yet it survives every winter. I think roses are (pardon my English)…bitches. They say, “Look how pretty I am. Pick me!” Then when you pick them, they bite. Kind of like falling for a supermodel, I imagine, in that they are safe to look at but not to touch.

This rosebush is the bitchy model from high school that you keep running into, secretly hoping she’ll get fat and ugly. Unfortunately, like a bad horror movie, she survives every brutal attack that I let winter leash on her. Happy Friday the 13th from me and my rosebush, Jason.


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