Day 26

27 Jan
Guilty Mom by Angie Friedel
Guilty Mom, a photo by Angie Friedel on Flickr.

This picture is a day late since I was too busy being a bad mom yesterday to post it. How bad? It depends on who you ask. Ask a stay-at-home mom who devotes every ounce of energy into her kid(s) and she will give me an “F.” Ask a mom who works outside the home and she may give me a “B+” because she understands the need for professional recognition, as well as the need to make her own money.

Half of the precious moments my daughter provides me, I spent on the computer yesterday, clinging to the edge of a dwindling deadline. I thought, “Maybe if I sit with her while she watches Curious George, she won’t hate me too much.” So we sat together on the couch, with my laptop occupying most of her space in more ways than one. As she lived vicariously through the eyes of a cartoon monkey, I gave myself an “I” for “Incomplete,” like a kid who didn’t finish his homework because he was on vacation. Only I wasn’t on vacation.

Through these types of experiences, I hope to learn the art of balance. For now it kind of sucks though.


2 Responses to “Day 26”

  1. Mags January 27, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    AF: years from now when you ask C about her Favorite days with mom she’ll probably describe this day exactly. You’re rocking it girl, I give you an a+. Signed, Maggie, the consistent b+ (but if you ask z I’m an a++++ and that’s what matters)

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