Out With the Old*Day 40/366

9 Feb
Out With the Old by Angie Friedel
Out With the Old, a photo by Angie Friedel on Flickr.

When I was a kid, driving down Wisconsin Avenue was exciting and fun. You could have stuck a bronze statue of Fonzie at the end of the road and I would have thought it was cool. But I remember seeing this sunburst sculpture for the first time and thinking, “Hmph.” That’s it. “Hmph.” Now maybe if I was more “artistic” or a self-proclaimed artist, I would have a different opinion. But I know what my eyes like, and I give those two little balls in my head a lot of respect.

It is that 1968 burnt orange color that brings up a little bile in my throat. When Calatrava gave us a new appreciation for our art museum, I figured the sunburst would be demolished. Years later, driving towards the lake, you can’t help but appreciate the glimpse of the brise soleil when it sneaks into view. But as you get closer, its evil and uglier stepsister jumps in the way. Am I the only one who thinks it is time to say goodbye? Or paint it a more attractive color? Like invisible?


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