Early Valentine’s Day But Just in Time for My 45th Photo

14 Feb
Valentine by Angie Friedel
Valentine, a photo by Angie Friedel on Flickr.

Although I am not enjoying the aftertaste from eating crow, I am pleasantly surprised by my spouse’s behavior. P.Nut and I were eating lunch yesterday, when I heard the familiar sound of the UPS truck’s brakes outside. “Crap. What did I order now?” came to mind as I wondered how I was going to hide yet another empty Amazon or Zulily box from the husband. Only it wasn’t from Amazon or Zulily. It was from one of those flower places. I checked the address for accuracy. Yep, it was for me. Flowers, chocolate, and a little stuffed animal guy were all inside. All appropriate Valentine’s Day fare!!! I felt like one of the TV commercial ladies! I even glanced outside to see if there was a new Lexus parked in my driveway with one of those big ribbons placed upon it. No. Still, I am enjoying sharing my chocolate with P.Nut, yet shocked and somewhat pissed that he proved me wrong. Happy Freaken Valentine’s Day!


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