Trainwreck * Day 53 of Project 366

22 Feb
Trainwreck by Angie Friedel
Trainwreck, a photo by Angie Friedel on Flickr.

I took this picture at the library. I love the library. I also love how kid-friendly it is. Unfortnately, my kid isn’t very library-friendly. Nor is she grocery store-friendly, park-friendly, and restaurant-friendly. The problem is when it is time to leave. She acts like I am kidnapping her, which actually works in our favor because if a kidnapper ever snatches her up, he’ll put her right back down after what she dishes back.

I am assuming most parents have this problem, but I wasn’t going to be part of that group. My kid was going to exhibit model behavior and be a perfect role model. Where did I go wrong?

I knew she wouldn’t want to leave when we got to the library. She likes to play with this train track that they have set up in the kid area. But I needed new material for our neverending bedtime stories and I refuse to become a shut-in because I can’t handle a toddler. So I warned her before we left, “When I say it is almost time to go, you have to say goodbye to the train track.”

“Ok mom.” Whatever.

Of course things didn’t go as planned and her tantrum prompted me to leave her in the kid area and pretend I was going home without her. As I walked away, I heard, “Bye mom.” Failure.

On the way back to get her, I was tempted to grab this other, well-behaved kid instead, but I didn’t like what she was wearing. So I settled for my own and deflected the judgemental glares that were shot my way as I carried her flailing body out of there, as per usual. says that a sociopath is “interested only in their personal needs and desires, without concern for the effects of their behavior on others.” My kid is a sociopath.

How do I avoid future trainwrecks? Do I keep her locked up at home until she is old enough to understand that people don’t like it when you’re rotten? I watch other parents and they don’t seem to be doing anything different than me. Did I just get a bad kid from the kid pool? Is she under warranty?


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