The Bible?! Day 57/366

26 Feb
Day 57/366 by Angie Friedel
Day 57/366, a photo by Angie Friedel on Flickr.

On Sunday,we went to lunch with P.Nut’s grandma at one of those old people restaurants. You know the kind – filled with well-dressed folks who just got out of church. My husband and I always joke that we are going to go to church like good Catholics. But we really just drive past a couple of them and wave on our way to breakfast.

So, while waiting for grandma to finish dessert, P.Nut got antsy and decided to raise holy hell on the place. Thank goodness for a basket of  kids’ books in the lobby. Oddly enough, the first book my kid reached for was this heavy old brown thing. As I lifted it to find the title, I could have sworn I felt my fingers burning like I was Linda Blair from The Exorcist.

She thumbed through the pages, enjoying the tiny print like she’d read it one hundred times before. Crazy kid. Maybe that’s a sign I should start going to church again.


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