6 Mar
Dum Dum by Angie Friedel
Dum Dum, a photo by Angie Friedel on Flickr.

A sample of spring victimized another defenseless snow person today. Seeing the dum-dum that was once an eyeball, now hanging out of its socket, made me wonder where winter went. I normally hate when people say that. “Where did winter go?” or “Where did summer go?”  But seriously, where did it go?

The coldest months tend to last twice as long as the summer months, but they somehow snuck out when I wasn’t paying attention. Most of my memories involve trying to get a 2 year old to go to bed so that I could get some work done, failing to finish the work,and then sacrificing her time the next day. Repeat every few days, and that is where November and December went, mixed in with some birthdays and the monster that is Christmas. I know there had to be some good memories in there somewhere, but I have stashed them in the attic of my brain along with the artificial tree and ornaments. Now I can’t find them.

January and February were different, however. January brings fragile resolutions, and mine was to start capturing time. Doing this photo-a-day project since my first hangover of the year has helped me organize the memories into tiny little tupperware containers in my brain. I hope that by the end of the year, I won’t be asking, “Where did the year go?” Instead, my mind will be so flooded with my little “tupperware” memories that it will be overflowing, just like the kitchen cabinet that spills them onto my head when opened.

As insignificant as these photos may seem, they each remind me of something about that day. “Oh that’s the day my neighbors saw me taking the dog out in my Kello Kitty pajamas,” or “That’s the day I took my daughter to her first movie,” or “That’s the day Season 4 of Jersey Shore started.” Even if it is, “That’s the day I that I was a bad mom,” staining it’s container like leftover lasagna, it is still the gift of an ordinary day.

That dum-dum eyeball is most likely swimming in a muddy puddle right now asking, “Where did winter go?” It’s nice not to be a dum-dum.


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