15 Mar
Yoga at Art Museum by Angie Friedel
Yoga at Art Museum, a photo by Angie Friedel on Flickr.

This was Saturday’s photo for my Gift of an Ordinary Day project. The Milwaukee Art Museum hosts a monthly yoga session at which hundreds of people are allowed to practice their “downward dogs” and “warrior” poses hosted by the most stunning view in the city. Yoga instructors are always telling us to bring intention to our practice. We are supposed to focus on the pose we are holding, trying to ignore any pain, while shunning any thoughts that may creep into our heads. That is easier said than done.

My inner dialogue on Saturday went something like this: “I hope nobody looks at my toes. I really need a pedicure. I like her outfit. I don’t like her outfit. Should I have breakfast or lunch when this is over? When will this be over? What’s that smell? That guy is cute: I wonder if he is gay. Wait, I’m married. I need new yoga clothes. I need a new yoga mat. I should have washed my hair this morning. I wish my hair looked like hers. Are we done yet?”

That was all followed by an “Om” – a chant that everyone is supposed to offer at the end of the session. I never say it. I always feel stupid. Apparently it means realizing that you are one with the universe. I already know this. I pay taxes to the universe. Instead of saying, “Om” and meditating like the rest of the group, I shuffled in my purse for my iphone and snapped a picture.


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