Everyone likes to be told what they’re doing wrong

30 Aug



2 Aug


plate /ple…™t/ [pleyt]
1. a usually circular dish, often of delicate nature, from which food is eaten. Also used to catch fragments of said food (e.g., cottage cheese) that may slip from spoon en route to mouth of frenzied parent when used in conjunction with Baby Bjorn.

Related Word: Hungry


Finding the Moon 42/366

11 Feb


On the way home from the store, P.Nut was following the moon in the sky as it dodged between houses and trees. When we got home, it was nowhere to be seen. Frantically, she ran inside to grab something as I struggled to get the groceries (I hate that word) inside. On my second trip from car to house, I found her doing this: pionting her flashlight to the sky while announcing, “I have to find it.”


Day 11

11 Jan


I caught my dog checking herself out with her shadow after lunch today. I hope she wasn’t self conscious. I think she looks fantastic for 49.

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